Disk and Plate with Assomption sash D15

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Workshop general

Workshop program


A Hamanaka disk is included in the conference fee.

Materials Fee

1000 yen for wool threads. Metalic threads need additional fee. From 3000 yen to 4000 yen per package.

What to bring

A scissor and tools of writing.

Hiroko Ojima

Makiko Tada

Michelle Beauvais


Yoshie Aoyagi
May Eason
Elaine Escola
Carol Franklin
Youko Furusawa
Fumiko Kawamura
Noriko Komatsu
Soyoko Nodama
Masanobu Nomoto
None Redmondd
Norma Rinaudo
Sue Stevenson
Tomoko Suzuki
Seiko Tochihara


Disk and Plate class welcomes any and all students whether they are biginner or of advanced skill. Second day, mid-skilled students will learn zigzag-gumi and others and advanced students will learn flat-winding braids for corsage using Plate.
Hiroko Ojima

Kochi, Japan

I started to learn Kumihimo at Seijyu Kumihimo School in 1977 and exhibit my works at crafts exhibitions in and outside of Kochi Pref. in 1980. Introduction of Washi, a traditional Japanese paper and a special product of Kochi, to Kumihimo was made in 1990 as well as other materials such as wire and acryl fiber. I prefer using Washi. These works were awarded three times in the Exhibitions of Japan Taditional Art Crafts, five times in Kochi Art Exhibition, four times in Kochi Wimen's Arts and Crafts Exhibition and five times in the Exhibition of Shikoku Arts and Crafts.

Plate 2

Makiko Tada

Tokyo, Japan

See M13
Michelle Beauvais

Granby, Canada