Long and winding Braids M14

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Workshop general

Workshop program



Twenty Marudai with bobbins are available for rental at 500 yen per day.

Materials Fee

1500 yen for sinon threads. If you prefer using other threads such as cotton or wool, please carry them on in two to four colors and in a sufficient length

What to bring

A scissor and tools of writing.

Shirley's book 2004 with Carol Goodwin

Shirley Berlin

Makiko Tada


Elizabeth Bennett
Elaine Escola
Ryoko Fukuda
Vanessa Furran
Carol Goodwin
Ethel Kawamura
Naomi Konishi
Kunie Ninomiya
Kazuko Odani
Kayo Ozaki
Kimiko Shimazu
Mary Slusarchuk
Karen DeSousa
Haruno Tanaka
Seiko Tochihara
Mitsue Ui
Adelma Washio
Jackie Wollenberg
Ryouko Yokota

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Research into unusual braids using Marudai.
Shirley Berlin

Devon, UK

Shirley Berlin is passionate about "narrow wares", all sorts of cords, braids and bands. She loves to get other people excited about these techniques, especially inkle and tablet weaving and kumihimo.
Braiding on a card is one of her favourite ways to convert neophytes to the joys of braiding. She teaches to Guilds, at conferences in North America and at the Knitting & Stitching shows in England and Ireland.
She is Canadian and currently lives in Canada, England and Germany.
Long and Winding Braids

Blue-fused glass

Makiko Tada

Tokyo, Japan

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