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Twenty Marudai with bobbins are available for rental at 500 yen per day.

Materials Fee

From 2000 to 3000 yen for silk, beads and metal fittings.

What to bring

A scissor and tools of writing.


Masako Kishimoto

Carol Goodwin

Kumiko Kakimoto's book 1995


Elizabeth Bennett
Shirley Berlin
Karen DeSousa
Ryoko Fukuda
Nobuko Fuwa
Hideyo Fujimura
Vanessa Hurran
Ethel Kawamura
Noriko Kousaka
Leigh Morris
Kazuko Odani
Anne Percival
Molly Pere
Lucinda Stephenson
Tunde Tuskes
Mitsue Ui
Carol Wang
Adelma Washio
Jackie Wollenberg

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A decorative kumihimo can be made using threads and beads.Students will learn how to add beads and how to combine beads and braiding for necl\klace and bracelet applications.
Masako Kishimoto

Osaka, Japan

Among handicrafts I loved, the most suited to me is Kumihimo, with which I have been working for 30 years. Marudai and Takadai are my favorite techniques.

  • Exhibition of Japanese and Andean Braids 2000 Tokyo
  • Exhibition of Japanese and Andean Braids 2005 Tokyo

Kumihimo with beads

Kumiko Kakimoto

Shiga, Japan

Enchanted by a naturally dyed thread, I began Kumihimo in 1981. Encounter with a new color is always exciting and braiding the colors into a dreamed figure is a indescribable pleasure. This pleasure may be braided into a Kumihimo because it always make me happy whenever I open the strage box.

  • One-person exhibition in Kyoto Craft Center 1986
  • Exhibition in Milan City Hall, Italy 1991
  • Exhibition in Rizan-bo, Karuizawa, Japan 1992
  • Author's works were compiled in a book "Yume wo Kumu", Shiko-sha, 1995

Red Coral Beads

Coral Sea

Carol Goodwin

Seattle, USA