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Ten Takadai with bobbins are available for rental at 1000 yen per day.

A Student to bring list

Please prepare a 1.5metre warp for 38 bobbins in one very pale colour or cream or white. This needs to have at least 12 - 24 ends of fine yarn per bobbin. (Use the larger number of ends if your yarn is very fine.)
Suggested materials: 40s machine embroidery rayon or Biron, or 2/16s mercerised cotton, or 100/2 spun silk.
Also bring swing labels, pencil, rubber.

Author's book 2005

Jennie Parry


Beverly Bills
Trish Goodfield
Mona Killingworth
Shigei Mizobuchi
Kayo Ozaki
Molly Pere
Debbie Richardson
Kazumi Sakamoto
Haruno Tanaka
Anne Whitehead

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Jennie Parry

Leicester, UK

Free-lance teacher of embroidery & braidmaking.
Founder member of The Braid Society of which she was President from 1996 - 2001.
Began to make kumihimo in 1985 with Catherine Martin, then Rodrick Owen and later with Makiko Tada, and from the early 1990s, has included all 5 pieces of Kumihimo equipment. Her particular passion is for takadai.

1991: Sunrise in the West. UK
1992: Third International Exhibition of Peruvian & Japanese Braiding. Japan
1995: Samurai Undressed. UK
2001: Festival of Japanese Culture. UK
2003: Braids and Beyond. UK
2004: Expressions in Kumihimo. USA
2005: Exhibition of Japanese and Andean Braids. Japan
Regular exhibitor with the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers, and
The Embroiderers' Guild. UK

Collaborated with Charlotte de Syllas and Diana East for one-off pieces.
Commissions from jewellers and piano restorer.

Author: Textures & Edges for Takadai Braids 2005 self published.
"I continue my lifelong commitment to textiles, seeking to balance research with developing my own personal work, alongside the rewards of teaching & lecturing freelance throughout the UK."
Textures & Edges

Detail: current takadai braids, using a combination of fibres.