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Comprehensive English Maps of Kyoto
(pdf: 2.5 MB)

Kyoto Tourist Guide
(pdf: 5.4 MB) Bilingual

A Compact Guide
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Kyoto dining
(pdf: 1.2 MB)


Kyoto as a Historical City
Chronology of Kyoto
If you decide to live in Kyoto

Kyoto Temples

World Heritage Properties in Kyoto
Comprehensive list of Kyoto temples and shrines - Opening time and entry fee
Historic Sites in Kyoto
Historic Roads around Kyoto

A Life in Kyoto

Public Transport in Kyoto
Kyoto City Official Guide
Kyoto Prefecture Official Guide
Kyoto Visitor's Guide Monthly
A Photographic Guide of Kyoto
Another Photographic Guide of Kyoto
If you need a doctor
Forms & Colors of Kyoto
Festivals and Events in Kyoto
Kenboko-Amulat at the top of the pole
If you have a tablet on a street

Eating out in Kyoto

Kyoto Dining
Students' Dining in Kyoto
Nishiki Market - The Kitchin of Kyoto

Arts and Crafts of Kyoto

Nishijin Textiles Industry Association
Experiencing traditonal crafts
Itou Kumihimo shop
Flea markets in Kyoto (ask concierge to read)
Ko-bo-san (Toji temple market), date: 21st every month, number of shop: 1200, from 5 am to 4 pm.
Kintetsu line Toji station, 5 minutes on foot.
Tenjin-san (Kitano Ten-man-gu market),
date: 25th every month, number of shop: 300, from 6:30 am to 4 pm.
Kyoto City Bus Kitao Tenmangu station.
Hokoku-san (Hokoku shrine market),
date: 8th every month, number of shop: 30,from 10 am to 3 pm. (Antique textiles)
Keihan line Shichijo station, 10 minues on foot.
Hyakuman-ben-san (Chionji Market),
date: 15th every month, from 9 am to the sunset. (Hand-made cookie, accessories etc. not antique)
keihan line, Demachi-yanagi station, 10 minues on foot.
Goryo-san (Goryo shrine market),
date: 18th every month, number of shop: 30, from 9 am to 4 pm.
Subway Kuramaguchi,